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Info/links on the Healing arts, Gardening, Astronomy, Aquariums, Science and other interesting tidbits.

Greetings, On this page you will find various links related to medicine, science, astronomy, horticulture and many interesting miscellaneous things. I am currently a third year resident in Family Practice waiting for graduation and release into the real world. I also spend a considerable amount of time growing plants, mostly from seed. Many of my plants are tropical trees; my favorite is the Banyan tree- the tree under which the legendary Sidhartha sat and found enlightenment. The name Forestal is from a book (Thomas Covenant by Stephen R. Donaldson). It is a person who has dedicated his life to caring for the forests, hence my affinity for the name. All topics related to science interest me, especially medicine. Please feel free to write me for discussions on plants, medicine, science or any other topic.

I hope to provide a good source of information for people interested in medicine and healing whether they are health professionals seeking further education or people looking for further information within medicine. I feel education is a vital part of medicine (and life), especially preventive medicine. In order for one to be healthy, one must be physically, mentally and spiritually sound and aware. I hope to provide info on all of this eventually.

The links dealing with medicine deal with modern medicine, and the so-called unconventional healing methods are under alternative medicine. I have yet to explore this broad topic (call it homeopathy or just alternative medicine)at all on the internet, and would appreciate any uselful, informative links. I also feel a sense of humor is vital. Please feel free to let me know of other links. Check out the comics on the comedy page Check out my new page relating to my aquariums.

May your minds remain open. PEACE!

Check back frequently for all the new links!

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Please write with any suggestions or comments. Interesting links and discussion appreciated.
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