REUNION #2- A 50 year reunion will be held, June 15, 2013. Cast, crew and fans will attend. To get on the attendee list go to this website: HERE- where you will also see before and after photos of the studio lot.

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Does this ring a bell? What Canadian kid growing up in the 1960's or 1970's could forget the immensely popular television series The Forest Rangers or the opening melodic theme. This ever-whistleable musical piece met the colourful backdrop of wilderness scenes set in Ontario's Great Outdoors. Here, a group of kids- Junior Forest Rangers- live, work and play in a large Hudson's Bay fort, while their older and wiser friends from the mythical town of Indian River look on. (Indian River lies just north of Algonquin Park and has a population of 317). The junior rangers were the envy of many kids the world over for they came complete with a fort, ham radios, walkie-talkies, horses, ranger t-shirts, a Smokey the Bear flag and most of all-- "ADVENTURE!!"

The rangers usually manage to become heroes by putting out forest fires, rescuing people and thwarting villains with the aid of an RCMP officer named Sergeant Brian Scott (legendary Canadian actor Gordon Pinsent), the Chief Forest Ranger George Keeley (Graydon Gould), and the local Metis-Ojibway guide Joe Two Rivers (Michael Zenon).

The Junior Forest Rangers live in a "Never-never land, unmarred by schools or parents, in which the only rules are the rules of conservation." Though the kids always manage to get involved in trouble, there is little violence involved; mainly just threats from wayward adults who put themselves in danger because they didn't heed the advice of the Chief Ranger. In the end, the wrong-doers are usually brought back to the the Chief Ranger's (Department of Lands and Forests) office and scolded, but are rarely handed over to the law. However, I can recall a few of my favourite episodes where lawbreakers are brought to Sgt. Scott's office for punishment (check my Episode Synopsis section for the episode "Hole in the Ice").

Here are the names of the junior rangers and the actors who played them:
Chub Stanley- Ralph Endersby (My Side of the Mountain, Rip-off, Homer)
Pete Keeley- Rex Hagon (Polka Dot Door, The Reincarnate)
Kathy- Susan Conway (Adventures in Rainbow Country, Return To Oz, Rip-off, Heartaches)
Mike Forbes- Peter Tully
Gaby LaRoche- Syme Jago (The Incredible Journey)
Zeke- Ronald Cohoon (The Incredible Journey)
Danny Bailey- Mathew Ferguson
Ted Keeley- George Allan (My Side of the Mountain)
Johnny O'Reilly- Michael Tully
Herbert- Kenneth Ponzo
Timmy Forbes- Simon Tully

There were also some other major colourful characters on the show :
Uncle Raoul LaRoche (Rolland Bedard, La Famille Plouffe)- a lovable French Canadian personality.
Mr. John Angus Mcleod (Joe Austin, The Beachcombers)- the one hundred year old, ornary, yet likeable gold prospector.
Deputy Ranger Brody (Tom Harvey, Bizarre)- the dimwitted and by-the-book backup to Ranger Keeley.
Matt Craig (Eric Cryderman, Face-off)- the towerman over at Pike Fire Tower Lookout.
Shing Wauk (Eric Clavering, The Incredible Journey)- the old Ojibway Indian medicine man.
Ms. Aggie Apple (Barbara Hamilton, Road to Avonlea)- the owner of the marina and restaurant.
Radio Operator Dobbie (Steven Barringer)- the ham radio operator at the Chief Ranger's Office.
Charlie Appleby (Gerard Parkes, Fraggle Rock)- the low-flying RCAF pilot and WW1 ace.
Fred Cooper (Doug Master, Maggie Muggins)- the Indian River General Store owner.

The Forest Rangers was seen on The CBC every Saturday afternoon at 5 pm EST and was in production from 1963 to 1965. It has remained in syndication ever since, popping up on different channels the world over. As the CBC Times wrote in a 1966 column, "The Norwegians called it Skogwokterkklubben. We know it as "The Forest Rangers." But in any language it's "Great," according to young viewers in the 40 countries where this popular Canadian-made outdoor adventure series is seen." Countries as far away as Australia, Hungary, Portugal, Peru, Argentina, Jamaica, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kenya, Uganda, The Phillipines and Hong Kong had the show running on their tv sets.

The show became the most profitable and successful tv show in Canadian history up to that point in the mid 1960's. It was also one of the first programs filmed in high production colour in the world. Looking back it's hard to believe that 104 complete episodes could have been made in the span of only 2.5 years.
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The 40th Anniversary Reunion of the show was a resounding success with the cast and fans. The Indian River Junior Forest Rangers from left to right are: Jesse (Ron) Cohoon, Susan Conway, Ralph Endersby, Syme Jago, Rex Hagon, and all the way from Ireland- Peter Tully. A 50 year reunion will be held, June 15, 2013. Many cast and crew members will attend. Fans are welcome to attend, watch this site for updates. For information or to offer help and suggestions, please contact John at CLICK HERE for details and photos of the June 19th, 2004 history making event.

The "Adventures in Rainbow Country" Reunion held Aug 11-13, 2006 in the LaCloche Mountains at Whitefish Falls, ON was another great success. We had Buckley Petawabano and others there for the weekend-long festivities. Check the link for all the details and photos.

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