John Phillip Stamos was born on August 19, 1963, in Cypress, California.  His parents are Bill and Loretta, and he has two younger sisters, Janeen and Alaina.  John is a Beach Boy.  Yeah-- he was their drummer on their 1999 Australian tour. John's first role was in General Hospital. It was only supposed to be for five days, but the audience was so receptive, that he became a regular and stayed for over two years.  He is best known for his role on Full House.  At one point, John was in a very serious relationship with Paula Abdul, but I'm not sure what happened there.  Maybe their attraction didn't work because they weren't opposite enough.  In 1999, John married supermodel Rebecca Romijn.  They have no children. 
Name: John Stamos
Character: Jesse Katsopolis
Called: Jesse, Uncle Jesse, Jess
In the first season, Jesse's last name was Cochran, but it mysteriously changed in the second season to Katsopolis.  This is because John wanted to bring his Greek background to his character.  Over Full House's eight years, Jesse's character evolved.  He's always been an Elvis-loving, hair-obsessed, motorcycle-riding, cool, bad boy.  In the beginning he loved the ladies almost as much as he loved his hair.  And he wasn't exactly responsible.  Then he wrote advertising jingles, then he had a radio show with Joey, called the Rush Hour Rengades.  Finally, Jesse settled down with Danny's Wake Up San Francisco co-host, Rebecca Donaldson.  The two were married and had twin boys, Nicky and Alex. 
General Hospital (1982-1984)--Blackie Parrish
Dreams (1984)--Gino Minelli
You Again? (1986)--Matt Willows
Never Too Young to Die (1986)--Lance Stargrove
Full House (1987-1995)--Jesse Katsopolis
Captive (1991)--Robert Nott
Born to Ride (1991)--Grady
A Match Made in Heaven (1997)--Tom Rosner
Private Parts (1997)--Himself
The Marriage Fool (1998)
Beginning Credit Evolution
The Many Faces of Jesse
John as he currently looks, here with wife, Rebecca Romijn