Name: Andrea Barber
Character: Kimmy Gibbler
Called: Kimmy, Kimmy Gobbler
Andrea Laura Barber was born on July 3, 1976 in Los Angeles, California.  Her parents are Donald and Sherri, and she has two older brothers, Darren and Justin.  Kimmy graduated from Whittier College in California in 1999.  She spent some time studying in Denmark.  She was an English major and one day hopes to be a writer.  She is currently working as Whittier's assistant director of foreign studies.  Word has it, she will soon pursue a masters degree in women's studies. 

Days of Our Lives (1981-1986)--Carrie Brady Reed
Do You Remember Love (1985)--Jennifer
The Leftovers (1986)--Zoe
Full House (1987-1995)--Kimmy Gibbler
The Skateboard Kid II (1995)--Tilly Curtis
Kimmy Louise Gibbler is DJ's best friend.  She lives next door to the Tanners.  Everyone but DJ thinks that she is the most annoying twerp in existence.  (Besides Duckface.  Maybe.)  Kimmy has the wildest wardrobe of any Full Houser.  Kimmy has especially smelly feet.  Even Odor Eaters can't mask the stench.  Kimmy is not a good student, and doesn't get into college.  Oh, well. 
Here is Andrea a relatively short time ago
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