Small Wonder was a wonderful television show that originally ran from 1985-1989.  The main character was a girl named Vicki, and she was a robot.  She was a part of the Lawson family.  The dad was  and the mom was .  They also had a son named Jamie.  Vicki could do all sorts of things, because well, she wasn't human.  There was an annoying red-headed neighbor girl that was always snooping around.  She also had a crush on Jamie. 
Tiffany Brissette--Vicki Lawson
Dick Christie--Ted Lawson
Marla Pennington--Joan Lawson
Emily Schulman--Harriet Brindle
Paul C. Scott--Reggie Williams
Jerry Supiran--Jamie Lawson
Victoria Ann-Smith "Vicki" Lawson is a gynoid.  She is a Voice Input Child Identicant (V.I.C.I.--get it?).  Ted built her as a domestic robotic aide, and brought her into his house to test.  This is because he wants to check her effectiveness in a real world setting.  The Lawson's legally adopt her, as to not arouse local questions and suspicions.  My favorite Vicki thing is her background story.  Vicki was born in the town of Victoria in the Seychelles.  She was orphaned when her parents, Jim and Pat Smith were killed in a freak plane-train accident.  She was raised by a pack of nuns, but came to live with the Lawson's due to a godparent pact.  Vicki appears to be a 10 year old girl to the outside world.  Granted, a very nerdy and dull girl.  She has a control access panel in her back, and some serial port under her armpit, that Ted connects a computer to moniter and check her progress.  She also has an emergency off switch on top of her head.  
Ted Lawson is a cybernetic genius.  He created Vicki in a secret lab.  Technology is his life, and he spends all of his time focused on engineering and perfecting Vicki, and robotic things.  Ted also really likes golf. 
Joan is the blond mother.  As a child she participated in kiddie beauty pageants.  She met Ted when she was a cheerleader in college.  She likes to read and cook.  She is a real estate agent.  In order to avoid controversy about Vicki staying at home, Joan completes her teaching degree, making it viable that she home schools Vicki. 
Jamie thinks he is a good athlete and that the ladies love him.  Everyone else knows he is just a big dork.  Jamie is a fan of basketball and milkshakes.  Vicki (the anatomically correct-enough robot), lives in Jamie's closet.  Jamie defends her outside of the house, and does everything in his power to keep her true-self from everyone else.  Inside the house, however, Jamie regards Vicki not as a sister, but as his maid.  He does not recognize her as a person, except when he makes her turn around while he changes.  Their dynamics are kind of weird, but they learn to live with each other and even get along. 
Harriet Brindle is the Lawson's nosy next-door neighbor.  She has bright red-hair, and a big crush on Jamie.  Harriet is really good friends with Jamie, but scares him with talk of marriage and then sharing the same family.  Harriet hates every girl that Jamie looks at.  She is also Vicki's self-proclaimed best friend.  This is because Vicki does whatever Harriet wants her to do. 
Harriet is a character in herself, but her parents are very interesting too.  Her dad, Brandon Brindle, is not only conniving and a not-nice person, but he is also Ted's boss.  He got the promotion by ripping off Ted's ideas.  Mr. Brindle tries to treat his way to a gaining social status.  Brandon is part of the "Caribou Club", which is basically him getting together with his drinking buddies.  
Harriet's mom is Bonnie Brindle.  She proves where Harriet gets her snooping skills from. She is bossy and her favorite phrase is "No no no.  No no no."  The Lawson's are forced to adopt Vicki as a result of Mrs. Brindle's curios meddling.  Bonnie is a "Gutter Gal," a bowling team she has with her other snooty friends.  Mrs. Brindle is the local gossiper.  
Edie McClurg--Bonnie Brindle
Reggie Williams is Jamie's best friend.  He knows everything about Jamie, except the fact that his sister is a robot.  He just thinks that Vicki is really weird.  Reggie, much like Jamie, is a self-proclaimed ladies man, although, much like Jamie, he's not.  Reggie plays baseball and football with Jamie, only he doesn't suck as much as Jamie does.  Reggie has to be friendly to Vicki, because that's the only way she will let him see Jamie. 
William Bogert--Brandon Brindle
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