Name: Jodie Sweeten
Character: Stephanie Judith Tanner
Called: Stephanie, Steph
Jodie Leanne Sweeten was born on January 19, 1982.  She was only five years old when she began her role as Stephanie Tanner.  Jodie recently had a recurring role on Party of Five.  However, she does not plan to have a prolonged career as an actress.  She has shown interest in marine biology and pediatrics.  She is currently a sophmore at Chapman College in California. 
Stephanie is the middle child, which she finds to be the worst place a lot of the time.  She is neither the old trailblazer, nor the young, cute one.  But this also means that she can hang out with both sisters.  Stephanie likes to snoop through DJ's stuff, but this is just because she aspires to be like her big sister.  Stephanie takes dance classes.  And her best friend is none other than Mr. Bear.  Stephanie's other friend is Gia.  Gia is a meanhead, but Stephanie changes that and shows her that being good can be fun, too.  Stephanie is not as cute as Michelle, but she can pull out some cute lines too.  I mean, come on, "How rude." 

Full House (1987-1995)
Party of Five (1999)
Beginning Credit Evolution
The Many Faces of Stephanie Tanner
And here are some recent pics of Jodie