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Weekly Update June 3, 2005
Ok, Well, the Kelly Clarkson concert kicked major ass!  Erin and I had the worst seats ever...but that's ok, because bottom line...we were there and you were BACK OFF!  So, I have decided that Kim Possible is clearly me in cartoon form.  I mean come on, she looks just like me...I mean look at the pictures below!  Call me beep me baby!! (Oh, that picture came from am not about breaking copyright laws) Well, all of the fabulous TV shows I watched have taken their break for the summer, so I now feel compelled to talk about how much the season finales sucked!  Ok, to start with....why do I even watch One Tree Hill?? I mean it just put me in a bad mood, because nothing good happened at all.  The most depressing two hours ever..I swear!!  Of course, I cannot forget Lost, I have no idea what was up with that??? Then, Alias...Nadia as a zombie...I kind of like it! It was a total ripoff of resident evil, but I'll take that....I thought it was funny to see Nadia trying to eat people!  I will not give away the ending, but WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT??? I mean come on......but, I will tune in next season...but I am told I may have a slight problem...Merissa told me that they are moving One Tree Hill to Wednesdays at the same time as Alias....That is total  poo poo, because those are the only shows I watch, and I am not all high tech with the DVR and cable and stuff, and my VCR will not let me record something and watch something different, so I will be screwed it that happens. I will just assume Merissa has been misinformed and all is right with the world!!  Until next know that you always can call SHANDA POSSIBLE!!