Unarmed Records began in 2000, when the Pukes, Eric, Bob and myself put out our first

attempt at a demo, which we recorded in my brother's attic. The Pukes were seeing Mariner

at the time. We weren't dating, but the Pukes still put out, and things got pretty serious.

Mariner changed their name to the Fall of Icarus for a while, and wore the Unarmed Records label.

A few weddings and a few funerals later, here we are.

Bob runs with the Meteah Strike crew now, and that shit is sick with it. Me, I fly solo.

Basically what this is now is me, Bob's portastudio, HTML, coffee, and cigarettes.

keep it real. keep it hood.

-A.Ruiz 2005

keep it real. keep it hood.

here ya go...


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