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Hello, and welcome to the official FORGE BAND homepage. THIS PAGE IS STILL UNDER SLOW AND MODERATELY HEAVY CONSTRUCTION. Here you will find the various works of genius created by the band. Read up on band information and take a look at some of the practice pictures. Also, you can check out the official gear used by the band. More to come soon, later.

Posted By John at 9:29pm on 7/8/04


It should be up sometime in the coming week. You will notice changes in the forums. We will post the new link here shortly.

Posted By John at 9:12pm on 7/5/04


Due to copyright violations, and for the overall well-being of the band, we have decided to change the name of the band. The new name was brought about in a conversation between Jed and myself.


Please go to the forums and let us know what you think. We will soon have a new link posted here for our new site.

Posted By John at 11:48am on 6/3/04

Greetings all you happy campers. Today I'm issueing to you an update concerning the picture section of our website.


Yes, it's true. Jed's sexy array of pictures taken in his Utah home are now in the picture section of our website, Steve posted them yesterday.
We should have the bio section up soon. Check out the forums, register, have fun.

Posted By Steve at 11:57pm on 5/30/04

Hi, this is Steve. I've updated the picture section and obviously the header up there. Nice pic of brad. HAHA. Anyway i've also put up the "FORUMS" which for those of you dont know much about the internet are message boards so you can post if you feel like it. I'm gonna get up the other pages as soon as Jed comes back. You all take care.

Posted By John at 7:57pm on 5/4/04

Hello boys and girls! JP speaking. Just thought I'd kind of give you guys a "low-down" on whats going on with the band until we can get the rest of the site working. As of this moment in time, Steve, Brad, and myself are working on original tunes and a few interesting covers. Jed, as we speak, is moving back from Utah to play in the band. How dedicated is that beast? HAHA! Anyways, Jed will be back at the beginning of the summer, but until then the rest of us are rockin it as usual. So, if you've got any invites for shows, then let us know. We're always interested. My email is linked above, or if you're lazy: Or you could contact our manager, K.C., at screen name Kaselyn16 (haha). You all rock, keep the tunes cranked, and wake up a few neighbors for me :)...PEACE!

Posted By John at 8:53pm on 4/21/04

Yo Yo Yo! This is JP. Welcome to our humble abode/website.

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