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Forget - Me - Not
all the forgotten children of the world

Children of the world drop teardrops on the ground
We close our eyes and turn the other way
Weeping is in the air, ignore the sounds we do
Forgotten children of the world
How did we get this way
Forget-me-not the children pray

Evil holds some hearts, a chill is in their soul
Tearless is the way they are
Pain is all they've ever known
Children are born innocent until someone gave them pain
Never happiness only pain
Forget-me-not the children pray

Greed is in the hearts of many
Were they always this way
Children are the ones to suffer
Forlorn and abandoned some will surely be
Who will take the blame
Forget-me-not the children Pray

People committed to helping orphaned and underprivileged children of Mazatlán