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William Darby's Page

Oh Yeah!!--Darby 9:58pm 2/9/01

I finally got it second Dragonball Z Music Video! It is my third video so far. I do believe it is my greatest work ever! Okay, I'm going to bask in my own glory for a while.

Later Oooh, 3-D!--Darby 9:58pm 2/9/01

Every single link on the page works. I uploaded some stuff I did with Poser 2, so check the etc pics and other clips pages. Not all of the pages are actually done, but they function...


I'm really lazy!--Darby 5:19pm 2/3/01

I know that everything still isn't up. I've got school, work, and other stuff that's more important. I did, however, upload some more pics and stuff, so check any of the pics pages. Oh yeah, i had to change the bg because the links were "disappearing". Hopefully all of the pages will be up this weekend.


...And I'm spent!--Darby 9:39pm 1/19/01

That was fun. I just spent a couple of hours working on this new layout. All of it is handwritten html, by yours truly. Give me a shout out if you like it. I'll try and keep it updated. Right now, nothing is really done, just the main layout.

Later 1