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Its not just for breakfast anymore
News- Fuck you Matt!!!!!!!!!
I updated the page whore, are you happy now?
Wanted: Dead or Alive for burglering in the Jungle Bungle
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Your lord commands it
Updated: March 16 2004
Its been more than 2 years since I've done any sort of update. If I get bored I may do more, but all of you millions and millions of fans, don't get your hopes up
Kick Ass Bands *Updated*
Stupid Stuff
Updated: August 1
Added Remind Me in lyrics
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Top Secret: Pinkie and the Bryan project beta alpha delta niner from "xero" to livin large in Linkin Park
Last Updated: September 2
I finished off the "My Songs" section (for now), new Mudvayne section in Bands, new sections in Stupid Stuff more updates to come
My Songs
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