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This site is dedicated to the US Navy SEAL's-past, present, and future.

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As dawn was breaking over the small Vietnamese villiage inside the Mekong Delta, the girl was worried. The headman of the village had not yet woken. Though he had been very tired the night before, in a couple of hours he had to attend an important meeting some miles away to co-ordinate a major strike against the Yankee invader. Well, at least he'd enjoyed an undisturbed sleep. The girl had been on guard duty during the night and knew that nothing suspicious had happend. She would have to wake him she decided, and approached the door of his hut. His sleeping form did not stir as she called his name softly, so she went inside and bent over him about to shake him by the shoulder. She froze. His stomach had been cut open, and his severed liver lay next to the ugly gash. A peice of it had been roughly bitten off. She knew what she would find even before she looked at his face. It had been roughly decorated with green stipes of paint. The "Green Faced Men" had paid her a visit during the night. (a story told among Vietcong troops about the "green faced men". The Navy SEAL's were a terror to the VC and NVA)

- U.S. Navy SEALs 1965-1975

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