Since geocities accounts are limited to 15MB (unless you want to pay, and I certainly don't), I needed more space for additional mp3 demos. So I've posted a few of them here. It's a little inconvenient doing it this way and I'm sorry for that, but this works fairly well. Just like the main page, if more than 4MB of data are downloaded in an hour, the site shuts down. So be patient.

Bontempi MRS 52/0 - 1 - Nicely shows the warm, cheesy sound.
Bontempi MRS 52/0 - 2 - When run off of low voltage it gets distorted and weird. Sorry I used the same drum pattern but it's my favorite.
Casio HT-6000 - 2 - This is the old demo from the other page. It was too long so I put a shorter one up in its place. It's sequenced from the EPS.
Casio MT-68 - 2 - My timing for the accompanyment part on this is horrible (it's hard!) but it sounds okay anyway.
Casio MT-68 - 3 - This is what happens when the adapter plug is wiggled around. It makes distorted aliased type sounds, and multiple notes interact with each other in interesting ways. Here, I was just playing the C keys.
Casio SA-5 - 2 - The thing spat this out all on its own, with no assistance from me while it was going..
Casio VZ-10M - quick song that I put together, it uses 8 voices out of 16 total.
Ensoniq EPS - 3 - weird things happen when the sample loop points are too close together.
Keytek CTS-2000 - 2 crossfading organ waveforms.
Korg DW-8000 - 2 saw and bell waveforms with filter sweep.
Radio Shack Sound Effect Generator - 2 more digital grunge
Yamaha PSS-570 - 2 disco!
Yamaha TX7 - 2 noisy patch with heavy use of controller data.

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