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Welcome. All of course are welcome here, but please be aware that this site is particularly dedicated to the non-Wiccan witch. If you are seeking information about Wicca, or from a Wiccan perspective, you will not find it here.

My reasons for this site are simple. I'm a hedge witch, and I do not identify as Wiccan. When I search the Web, I find many websites pertaining to witchcraft, but nearly all of them are written by and for Wiccans. I have also found a startling number of sources that define a hedge witch solely as a solitary Wiccan, or that define hedge witchery merely as a subcategory of Wicca.

While there are plenty of hedge witches out there who do identify themselves as solitary Wiccans, there are also many witches who do not follow the Wiccan path. So this website is for all the hedge, green, hearth, garden, kitchen, and cottage witches... and any witches who get tired of having to explain that they aren't Wiccan.
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