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    April 2002

We have finally started to add a shopping cart to the site!!! After many sleepless nights, we came to the conclusion that the best cart for both our loyal customers and our shop would be... Paypal.

Why might you ask? Well, it's definitely one of the most convenient ways to make payments while being one of the securest methods of payments trusted by millions. You, our customer, do not have to worry about us or any other person having access to vital information, like your credit cards or bank accounts information. Once registered at Paypal, all you have to do is just shop or make payments with a click of a button, no more worries about your transactions being rejected due to lack of funds or other annoying reasons.  So... please get "verified" by clicking the PayPal button to your left and you'll be able to make fast, safe and secure transactions in our website, and everywhere else Paypal is accepted.

    March 2002

We have now added a special link for all those of you who own a 3G Mitsubishi Eclipse. 


If you're new to our site, please have a look around.

Besides C.O.D. through UPS , we have now added PayPal.

If you don't see an item you're looking for, please email us, chances are, we have it.

Coming soon, more pictures from Toronto's Import Show, Las Vegas SEMA Show, and updated events!

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