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My daughters and I recently came across a few websites discussing the needs of our currently deployed troops.  Many of these men and women are without a PX.  They are in dire need of some of the basic necessities as well as items to help pass the time and take their mind off the war.

There are many soldiers that have been deployed in Iraq & Afghanistan for quite a while that do not receive letters or care packages at all.

We would love to send a care package to each; however, we are financially unable to.  Therefore, I am requesting help from all communities of the Antelope Valley. Please donate items that may be used to create care packages. 

Especially welcomed are non-perishable food items.  These are the most requested things as the MREs are very bland and there is often a long walk to chow.

A lot of the troops travel through the villages and make contact with many of the children.  The men and women have been advised not to but they try to keep a small toy or stuffed animal with them to give to a child that they may meet.

These children are receiving their very first toy from our men and women!  This not only brightens the child's day but also brings a bit of happiness to our troops. Our soldiers have also been giving these gifts to the children in the local hospitals. I have suggested that if they have a child at home to send it to them as a gift from "Daddy" or "Mommy".

Most importantly, they would love cards, letters or post cards from us here in the States.  They would love anything that will take their mind off the war, even if it's only for a moment. A quick note just to say thanks and that we are thinking of them has a remarkable affect.

We appreciate any assistance that the citizens of the Antelope Valley can provide.  We realize that there are some people that may not support the war, but our soldiers have no choice but to do their job.  Please support them!

For a complete list of items:

If anyone is interested in donating items for the soldiers, boxes to ship the items, or a financial contribution to pay for postage, please email me with your contact info at
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Morale Items
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