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Jan. 6, 2006
























CIP is a public supported non-profit organization. The purpose of CIP is to educate the community to the contribution of humor and clowns, to connect the demand and supply of clowns, and to promote the social good
via clowns.      

Current Activities:

Tailored Clown Program Services

CIP Educational Program

Tailored Clown Program Services Under Development

CIP Clown Hospital Training & Services Program

CIP Medical Research Projects

CIP Professional Development Programs

Lectures and Presentations

 Conventions & Conferences


Contact Information:

You can contact CIP through the following:


Forrest Wheeler, Founder & Acting Executive Director, Clown Interactive Programs

522 Adair, Suite A

Cornelius, OR 97113

PO Box 283

Phone (503) 429-1584 · E-Mail

Phone Toll Free (866)CIP-4TLC (247-4852)  FAX (503) 429-7050































     Forrest “Muggins” Wheeler is a retired School Administrator with British/American Consulate Schools in SE Asia. He is an international award-winning clown with membership in Clowns of America International, World Clowns Association, International Shrine Clowns of America, and Clowns International.

     Forrest created the Humor “R” Us clubs an independent organization promoting people gathering together everywhere to experience the countless benefits of inviting humor into our lives. He also authored the book “Using the Power of Humor” that empowers and inspires you to change your life for the better through the Power of Humor.


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