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This Is Me

If you know me already I apologise for the boring bits, but for those of you who don't here goes.
I'm 37 going on 21,was born in a small village in Staffordshire called Tittensor (yes I've heard all the jokes thankyou)in my Grandmothers bed, but i've lived in Liverpool for 12 years for my sins and own a Harlequin Great Dane called Forrest (hence the nickname).I spend a lot of my time online and although there are some odd people out there (including me) I've made some great friends. Some of whom I've met, others I plan to.I'm still working on this page so check back occassionally to see if there's anything new here.

My Favorite Links:

My Fave Chat Room

DJBen A #UK Friend

My Friend Lance Allen Hosts a Show On This Station In Idaho USA Check Out All the 70's And 80's Stuff He Plays

Uttoxeter The Place I Consider My Home Town

Me and the real Forrest October 1999

My Info:


Carol Ann McKay