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The Twin 3-inch Gun Battery
at Rockaway Point

Updated: January 4, 2005

Battery 20 at Rockaway Point, also known as Breezy Point, was not located inside Fort Tilden, but at the tip of the Rockaway peninsula. This gun battery protected the entrance to Jamaica Bay and consisted of two 3-inch guns Model 1902 mounted on barbette carriages Model 1905.

M1902 with shield

The Coincidence Range Finder (CRF) and plotting room casemate still exists as well as the two gun mounts. The CRF - plotting room is now undermined and standing on it's pilings and was used after the war as a USCG radio and/or light beacon facility of some type.

Battery 20 CRF

This is a rear view of the structure at the tip of Breezy Point, believed to be the Coincidence Range Finder (CRF) Station for Battery 20 (twin 3" guns). The omni-directional observation slit for the CRF is visible on the top portion, as well as a lower observation slit for another instrument. Both were covered up after the war.

Gun Mount at Battery 20

Located on flanking sides of the orange CRF building at the tip of Breezy Point, these two of these concrete mounts are believed to have been bases of the two Model 1902 3" guns mounted on a barbette carriages Model 1905. Records indicate that Battery 20 was in place from 1942 to 1946

One of the gun mounts is buried by the growing dune, but the other is clearly visible.

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