Fort Tilden - The Boudreau Collection

Created: March 7, 2001

Here is a collection of ten photos, kindly provided by the son of Mose Boudreau. From the dates on the photos, he was stationed at Fort Tilden around 1919-1921. He was promoted to Technical Sergeant (assistant Engineer) on December 21, 1917. These are the oldest photos of the post that have been sent to us and we are honored to present them along with comments provided by his son:


Picture 1. No explanation needed. I think my father is in the car


Picture 2. I guess my father was also the Donkey Engineer. It pulled the 12" mortar. He is in the cab.
(Editor's note: Note Post Engineer's Office in background.)

Picture 3. Mr. Marden was probably the Post Engineer.


Picture 4. NCO Quarters.


Picture 5. No explanation. I guess this was later Floyd Bennett Field?
(Editor's note: Floyd Bennett Field was built across the Rockaway Inlet in 1931, just after NAS Rockaway closed. This view seems to be from the Army pier.)

Picture 6. The only shot of any artillery.
(Editor's note: The only known photo of a 12" railway mortar at Tilden!)

Picture 7. Must be around 1918.
(Editor's note: This building still exists.)

Picture 8. Was the Army launch.
(Editor's note: Note glue factory buildings at Barren Island in the distance.)

Picture 9. The NC-4. My father had pieces of the plane. They somehow disappeared over the years.
(Editor's note: Keep checking that attic.)

Picture 10. The NC-4. My father had pieces of the plane. They somehow disappeared over the years.
(Editor's note: The NC-4 made its transatlantic flight in May 1919 and then remained as an operational patrol aircraft at NAS Rockaway. The aircraft is now at the Navy's museum in Pensacola, Florida.)
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