By direction of the President, pursuant to paragraph 2a, Section 1, AFPR 600-45 dated 16 December 1948, Headquarters, National Defense Forces, Camp Murphy, Quezon City, the MEDAL FOR VALOR is hereby awarded to:


For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in the face of imminent danger at the risk of his own life to protect His Excellency, Manuel A. Roxas, the first President of the Republic of the Philippines.

On the eve of the Parity Plebiscite on 10 March 1947, after the late President Roxas had delivered his forceful speech for it approval to about 25,000 people assembled in Plaza Miranda, Quiapo and to the nation over the National Radio Network, an attempt to assassinate him was made by means of a hand grenade thrown at the President. The deadly missile landed on the speaker's platform and rolled towards the center of the late President Roxas and other ranking government officials.

In spite of the inevitable explosion and its lethal results, General Castaneda, then Chief of Constabulary, in complete disregard of his personal safety, rushed from his seat behind the President's chair to the lethal weapon which was about to explode, and with the extraordinary coolness and presence of mind ordered the people to lie down and then kicked the death-dealing grenade down the steps of the platform where it exploded.

His presence of mind and display of exemplary courage and bravery in the timely disposal of the lethal grenade saved the life of the First President of the Republic of the Philippines and those of his family and other higher ranking officials of the Republic, who at that moment, were all with him on the platform.

(Reference: GENERAL ORDERS NUMBER 104, dated 22 March 1950, Headquarters, National Defense Forces, Camp Murphy, Quezon City)

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