For the Planet
  Organic holistic Peace Gardens
and parks everywhere!
FOR EVERYONE and every cause!
THE PREVENTION and Healing for many many problems
keeping busy with what is important for our health and happiness

Between  nations (and near the geographical center of each continent)
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Earth:  worth working for
Could i make it any clearer??  I'm talking about the healing of our planet
the salvation of all life
peace on earth
who cares?? if you don't, then you are just part of the disease... goodbye  OR
share and we'll be nice...
wait... we'll be GREAT
A Great place to start ... if you're not ready to work in our Holistic Organic Gardens ...
Earth, handle with  care  :-)
what are we looking at?
jeff's son
Respect for the planet page
changes as often as we get input
Not for Profit
donations accepted and shared

   Travel to find people to work with! 
original each time you see  :-)
not too late  always better early than later    :-)   what time it is? now
houseless, not heartless
For The Planet


Love life?  welcome!
Forever or not forever... THAT is the question....  LIFE is the answer
Always and forever TRUE is always new
Define Organic:
    and  Holistic:
Priceless Freedom