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Updated December 19, 2003

What's New?
December birthdays
Guess who's getting married?  Scroll down to see!


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December Birthdays


Respond2911 - December 3
SarcasticFemale - December 4
dollardealer - December 7
unclefocker - December 8
HaveNoCents - December 12
mebadburl - December 15
TeethsAPlus - December 16
D3inKs - December 17
SPFahey40 - December 18
BitchyOne - December 19
FreedomRider4 - December 20
pmk - December 27


If you know of an upcoming birthday that's not listed, please email me!

Warmie Smiles and her family
lost their precious newborn, Phoenix,
on January 15, 2003

"God harvests the flowers for His garden when they are most beautiful."





New grandbabies!

new granddaughter!

Jaeda Marie
8 lbs. 11 oz.
22 1/2 inches
new grandson!

What a cutie!!!!!
new granddaughter!

Shelby Rae
8 lbs. 5 oz.


Wedding Bells...do I hear wedding bells?

Tygrrmann and Slave Kitty have wed!!!
They were married on August 16, 2003 as planned...
pictures should be arriving soon!

Tikamars and Freedom405 are getting married!!!
The wedding is scheduled for August 14, 2004

ShesMagikal has wed!!!

Click on the picture for a recap!

Pets on Parade

msdiggi's boxing, chocolate-
eating choc dutch bunny

msdiggi's kitty-litter-box-using
reptile from hell, er, I mean Iguana, LOL


kitty cat

kitty cat




Fluffy, the Chinchilla

Rooster Cogburn


~ In memory of ~
Tygrr's Bengal cat
3.17.00 - 6.30.03

~ A Friend Today ~

I looked for a friend today
Asian Leopard and tabby
I bought a friend today
life happens that way
I tried to name my friend today
maybe I'll name him tomorrow
I named my friend today
after my Idol I would say
Elvis is 1 year old today
a cake, a candle, a holiday
Decorated for St Paddys day
luck of the Irish I would say
I took his picture today,
Like many other days,
My friend is 2 today
he's on the road this day.
We are on an adventure today
life happens that way
I leashed trained my friend today
we went to the park to play
He seen a squirrel today
I let him and the squirrel play
I saved the squirrel today
rough is how my friend plays
I walked my friend on a Great Lake today
our old home was far away
We walked to a sandbarge today
took a picture too far away
We headed South today
our dream was still far away
I took him to the park today
its just another lovely day
We got us a new home today
another park is one block away
We go to the park every day
that's where we like to play
I let him run free today
I called, he came, he would stay
My friend is sick today
he's only 3
I cried today
I tried today
I see a spirit fly today
its my friends I'm sad to say
Strong willed was yesterday
bound by death is today
I reflect on yesterday
how wild and free he was that day
I'm praying today
is just another day
I prayed yesterday
its just another sad day
I'm crying today
my friend fights for another day
I'm sad today
I'm mad today
I'm sad today
too sad to be too mad today
I watch my friend stumble today
I pick him up and carry him today
I hold him today
waiting for him to be on his way
I told my friend I love him today
While rushing to the hospital today
I told my friend it was ok
While I wait to see if it will be today.
I got the dreaded call today
My friend waited till I was away
I cried today

2003 TYGRR mann


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Poubelle and
Caniveau Souillon

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A cartoon by TexyGeek / Ohio Riv Gal / NSDebi

The Alien Pickle

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A cartoon by TexyGeek / Luv2Giggle4Fun

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