The following items are marked at wholesale cost. Due to the number of sale items, it was not possible to put them all in the shopping cart format and keep track of how many there are. So, to order packs, please send an Email to with your needs. We'll email back with details on payment. Please include your mailing address so we can determine shipping costs.

Due to the nature of this sale, we cannot guarantee the packs you want will be in stock at the time of your order. We'll do the best we can to satisfy your needs.

ItemID ItemDescription SupplyPrice
BP-BA111 Rubbled Cottage - fortified $7.77 1
BP-BA112 Concrete Bunker $5.37 1
BP-BA113 Weapons Pit (2) $5.37 2
BP-BA115 Artillery Position $3.57 1
BP-BR103 BP Cast 20mm British Achilles TD w/crew $5.97 1
BP-FR108 BP Cast 20mm French FT17 (MG) tank $5.37 1
BP-FR109 BP Cast 20mm French FT17 (37mm) tank $5.37 1
BP-GR032 BP Cast 20mm 75mm LE18 Inf gun w/crew $5.37 1
BP-GR117 BP Cast 20mm Tiger 1E $5.97 1
BP-GR141 BP Cast 20mm PzKw III G $5.97 2
BP-JP102 BP Cast 20mm Toyota 2x4 truck $5.97 2
BP-PL105 BP Cast 20mm Polish TKS tankette (mg) $5.97 1
BP-PL106 BP Cast 20mm Polish TKS tankette (20mm) $5.97 2
BP-RS104 BP Cast 20mm Komsomolyets Tractor $5.37 2
BP-RS108 BP Cast 20mm Russian JS-2 $5.97 1
BP-RS119 BP Cast 20mm T34/1940 tank $5.97 1
BP-RS121 BP Cast 20mm T34-76/1942 $5.97 1
BP-RS123 BP Cast 20mm T34-85 $5.97 2
BP-RS124 BP Cast 20mm SU-85 SPG $5.97 2
BP-RS126 BP Cast 20mm SU-122 $5.97 2
BP-SP103 BP Cast 20mm Komsomolyets w/45atg '32 & crew $9.57 1
BP-SP128 French Latil M2TL6 truck w/25mm Hotchkiss ATG $9.57 1
BP-US101 BP Cast 20mm M4A3E2 Jumbo Sherman $5.37 2
BP-US112 BP Cast 20mm US M-16 AAA half track $7.77 1
BP-US114 BP Cast 20mm M3A3 HT w/crew $5.97 3
BP-US115 BP Cast 20mm M3 75mm GMC $5.97 2
BP-US116 BP Cast 20mm Jeep w/.50 cal & crew $5.97 2
BP-US118 BP Cast 20mm M4A3 75mm Sherman $5.97 3