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28mm Historical Miniatures
ItemID ItemDescription SupplyPrice Stock
ItemID ItemDescription SupplyPrice Stock
REN-SAX16 Saxon Slingers $6.00 1
REN-SAX01 Frydmen A $6.00 1
ARTVIK001 artizan viking bondi command $6.00 2
ARTVIK002 artizan viking bondi spearmen $13.20 1
ARTVIK004 artizan viking Bondi with Bows $13.20 1
ARTVIK003 artizan viking Bondi with Swords & Axes $13.20 1
ARTVIK006 artizan Viking Herdman with Spears $13.20 1
ARTVIK009 artizan Viking Hersir $6.00 1
ARTVIK010 artizan Viking Hersir $6.00 1
ARTVIK007 artizan viking hirdmen w/hand weapons $13.20 1
ItemID ItemDescription SupplyPrice Stock
ArtAWW006 Artizan Wild West $4.80 1
ArtAWW005 Artizan Wild West $4.80 1
ArtAWW010 Artizan Wild West $4.80 1
ARTAWW056 artizan wild west 7th cav cmd (mtd) $9.60 1
ARTAWW059 artizan wild west 7th cav troopers (mtd) $9.60 1
ARTAWW057 artizan wild west 7th cav w/carbines (mtd) $9.60 1
ARTAWW053 artizan wild west 7th cav w/pistols (foot) $4.80 1
ARTAWW015 artizan wild west bat masterson w/dodge marshals $4.80 1
ARTAWW013 artizan wild west cowboy posse $4.80 1
ARTAWW014 artizan wild west cowboy posse 2 $4.80 1
ArtAWW008 Artizan Wild West Desperadoes $4.80 1
AWW004 Artizan Wild West Frontier Characters $5.40 1
ArtAWW003 Artizan Wild West Trail Boss and Cowboys $4.80 1
  Monday Knight Productions    
MKP35208 Desperado Bandito drawing pistol $1.35 1
MKP35207 Desperado Bandito firing pistol $1.35 1
MKP35206 Desperado Bandito firing rifle $1.35 1
MKP35204 Desperado Bandito kneeling w/rifle $1.35 1
MKP35201 Desperado Bandito leader w/tnt $1.35 1
MKP35203 Desperado Bandito w/rifle and pistol $1.35 1
MKP21004 Desperado Billy the Kid $1.35 1
MKP31003 Desperado Captain Lucky $1.35 1
MKP35403 Desperado saguaro cactus $3.59 1
MKP35401 Desperado tables and chairs $3.59 1
MKP21001 Desperado Wild Bill $1.35 1