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Welcome to The Fortress Trust
We welcome you to consider membership in The Fortress Trust.  Fortress is a private membership organization with headquarters in Palos Hills, Illinois.

The members of Fortress are Americans who believe that the "fruit of their labor"  is one of their most precious possessions, and is also subject to a multitude of dangers in today's culture.  Fortress members have united to find the best ways to legally protect their assets and their incomes.

The purpose of Fortress is to educate the American people concerning the unfair, confiscatory taxation and expense to their families, their assets and their estates.  To welcome into our membership those people who have a common goal of protecting their assets and legally lowering their taxes, through mutual assistance of the association, and to promote the public welfare through education regarding these vital issues.

By working politically through legislative advocacy to change laws that are fundamentally unfair to the American family, Fortress calls for the abolishing of the federal estate tax and the federal gift tax, and an overhaul of the federal system of taxation, and the reform of tort laws.

Americans face several major adversaries in their goal to protect what they earn.  Taxes, Unforseen Litigation, and Probate threaten to strip Americans of their possessions.  Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to minimize the impact of these “carnivores” of your assets.

Americans face one of heaviest tax burdens in the world.  The government claims its system of taxation is "fair".  However, the vast majority of Americans strongly disagree.  We face a multitude of taxes - income tax, capital gains tax, gift tax, federal estate tax, and many more.

The top accounting and financial firms in the country have helped the richest Americans find ways to substantially lower their tax bills.  However, many middle class business people just don't have the same resources as the "super wealthy" and consequently don't have the opportunity to learn of such strategies.  Nevertheless, there are strategies that can be used by people who are not "super rich" to still significantly lower their taxes.  Fortress has discovered and researched a number of such opportunities and make this information available to our members.  It IS possible to legally lower your taxes - significantly, when you have the right advice.

Unforseen Litigation
America is the most litigious country on the planet!  In fact, in many respects we are almost "lawsuit crazy".  Statistics now show us that the average American will be sued FIVE TIMES during their lifetime!  How can this be?  It's not difficult to understand when you realize that American has only 5% of the world?s population, yet we have 90% of the world's attorneys!!  And, 95% of the world?s lawsuits happen right here in America.

The abundance of attorneys in America has created somewhat of a crisis in the legal profession - particularly for new attorneys.  It is very difficult for them to find enough work to make a living.  Many American's think that all attorneys are wealthy, well that simply isn't true.  Many attorneys can not find enough legal work to make a living.  Such a situation would easily create circumstances in which attorneys would be actively looking for legal work.

Attorneys are now doing something they haven't done for generations.  They are advertizing!  On television, on radio, on billboards, in newspapers, etc.  Unfortunately, almost all the advertizing says the same thing, "let us help you sue somebody!"

It's true.  Many Americans have discovered a completely new way to get wealthy -"take somebody else's".  The harsh reality is that nowadays, if you have been successful, you are a very likely target to get sued.  The situation is so bad that it is practically irresponsible to NOT take steps to protect your assets from unforseen litigation.

Although it is impossible to guarantee you won't be sued, you can take steps to protect yourself from significant loss of assets if you DO get sued.  Unfortunately, there are a multitude of attorneys who know how to mount an attack AGAINST your assets, and very few attorneys who know how to PROTECT your assets.

Fortress has researched a number of very effective strategies for protecting assets from unforeseen litigation.  You do not have to be "super wealthy" to take advantage of these strategies.  Fortress makes this information available to our members.

When someone dies with assets in their name, those assets can not be transferred to their heirs without the intervention of the courts.  The process of transferring assets from the name of a decedent to the name of the heirs is called "probate."  However, probate has been called many other things.  It has been described as the equivalent of a tax the legal profession imposes on the rest of the population.  The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) conducted a two year study of probate, and has described it as "costly, slow, and outmoded ... a sad state of affairs."

The same study found that the average cost of probate on middle class estates that were uncomplicated, often cost 10% of the gross size of the estate.  You have a good chance of losing 10% of your entire estate in probate fees!

Furthermore, probate is also a slow process.  The AARP also reported that it takes an average of 12 to 18 months to complete probate on a decedents estate.  However, any type of complication, such as owning property in more than one state, or having heirs who argue over the disposition of the assets, can easily cause the time delay to be much longer.

Probate is completely a voluntary process.  It only happens to the estates of people who have not taken specific steps to avoid probate.  Fortress has researched the various methods used to avoid probate, and have found some very effective strategies.  Once again, you do not have to be "super wealthy" to take advantage of these strategies.  Fortress makes this information available to our members.

Additional Benefits
Some of the additional benefits of membership in Fortress includes the opportunity to attend educational seminars on the operation and implementation of various types of programs for achieving the objectives of Fortress, and the opportunity to receive educational newsletters from Fortress.

One of the most important benefits of membership in Fortress is the provision of a complete and detailed Personalized Financial Plan.  Through a strategic alliance with one of the top financial service firms in the country, Fortress provides its members with their own Financial Plan to enable them to have the professional advice they need to address their needs and goals in important areas such as estate planning, taxes, insurance, college funding, and many other vital areas.

The Fortress Trust does NOT provide legal or accounting advice.   Fortress does NOT provide any legal document preparation.  However, because we are a membership organization, Fortress can recommend attorneys who we believe are best suited to assist our members to evaluate and implement the strategies and recommendations that Fortress makes to its members. (See  NAACP v Button, (1963) 371 U.S. 415,  The Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen v. Virginia ex rel. Virginia State Bar (1964) 377 U.S. 1,  United Mine Workers of America v. Illinois State Bar Association (1967) 389 U.S. 217, United Transportation Union v. State Bar of Michigan (1971) 401 U.S. 576).  Fortress has identified a number of such attorneys, whom we are happy to recommend to our members.
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