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This is a preview of what's to come from a new girl, CB. She is 5'3", 130lbs., Curly Black Hair, Size 6.5 feet. She is a former HS CheerLeader and a big tennis player...that explains those nice, tight legs :) These are some stills from our first video. I'm not satisfied with the quality enough to turn it into RM files, but I thought I'd release some stills to give you an idea of what's to come. If you have any particular shoes you'd like to see used, send me a pic in an email and I'll try to find them. If you want to be so kind as to donate a pair of shoes (must be 6.5 or 7 sneakers) for her to use (they will not be returned, but I will include them in a video), let me know and we can work out the details. The first video will feature her in many of her own shoes, with no socks and a lot of emphasis on head/throat standing. These seem to be the most common themes from the requests I've gotten. Feel free to send me any suggestions of your own. The preview images on this page are just a few in small format. The zip file that you can download contains lots more in a much higher resolution. Enjoy!

File: (50meg file)

Click Here to download this zip file from MySpace.Com (Password = fortweese)

If the 50meg download is too big for you, you can download the image files individually from the Fortweese11 account on I-Drive. Remember that as long as I-Drive is not allowing anonymous access, you must get an I-Drive account and then visit my account (Fortweese11) in the "friends" area after you are logged onto your account.


More Coming Soon!!!

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