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Coaches Corner

Greetings from the Friends of Temple Rowing (FOTR)!

For the past 16 years, FOTR has been the most successful fundraising athletic group at Temple University - and the generosity of our Friends is deeply appreciated, demonstrated season after season, by outstanding performances by the Temple University Owls Crew Team.  Last season, bolstered by FOTR's generous financial contributions, enthusiasm and excitement, and the gracious provision of refreshments for the team on the riverbank, the team produced another very successful season.
The 2001-2002 season is off to an exciting start under the guidance of Dr. Gavin R. White in his 22nd season as the head coach of the Temple University Men's Crew and Christine Wargo Deatrick in her first season as the head coach for the Women's Crew.   While the athletes are focused on producing another season of pride and accomplishment, the team is challenged by the all too common budget restrictions imposed on sports like intercollegiate rowing.  Our support is needed more than ever to keep our athletes competitive.
FOTR was formed to provide support for the men's and women's crew at Temple University and is comprised of alumni rowers and past and present Temple rowing parents.   You can share in the joy and excitement of this successful team by becoming an active member of FOTR and cheering on our team at the races, providing refreshment for the team throughout the race season and giving generously so that the team can make important purchases to retain our tradition for winning.  This year, our athletes desperately need a trailer, an 8 for the men, a 4 for the women, and both teams need to continue the benefit of winter training in Florida.  The budget allocated through the university's athletic department will not cover these needs and the team must rely on the generosity of its supporters for donations.
Join us at the river to cheer on the team (and watch us win) and please return the enclosed FOTR membership/pledge form for the 2001-2002 rowing season.  Give generously and help us continue the tradition of winning at Temple.  Check our new website with news and updates on FOTR's activities.
All funds donated to Friends of Temple Rowing will benefit the rowers of Temple University's Crew Team!  We look forward to seeing you at the river and thank you for your support.

Rick Gross, President
Friends of Temple Rowing

For more information and a pledge form:  email Stephanie Christian at


Rick Gross:  President/Treasurer
Lynn Llewellyn:  Vice President
Stephanie A. Christian:  Secretary
Joan Read:  Former President, Advisor
Dr. Gavin White:  Men's Head Coach
Peter Gergo:  Assistant Men's Coach
Christine W. Deatrick:  Women's Head Coach
Timothy Hagan:  Assistant Women's Coach