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We thought that having a home page would make it easier for the family to check in and see what we are up to as well as an easier way to share pictures. Feel free to copy any of the pictures. They are all in jpg format and can be easily copied by placing the cursor over the picture, right click on the mouse, then select save image as and put it on disk or wherever. We hope that you enjoy this.
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Updated September 24, 2002

It has been about six months since we updated the site and a lot has happened. There was the beginning of summer, a trip to the Mississippi Gulf Coast and most recently, like last week, a trip to Phoenix and Tucson. Please share our picture journey. There are a lot of pictures, so please be patient while they load.

Before we begin, here are the latest pictures of "the girls".


In May, Neil Junior, Laura and the granddogs, Rudy and Abi, came over and had a cookout. While this was going on we all had the rare opportunity to watch as 4 baby birds left the nest and flew for the first time.


In July we went to visit Karen's Mom and viewed these thunder clouds over the gulf.


Last week we visited the family in Phoenix. Andrew is now 2, Chelsea is 4, Jason is 11, and Dejan (D.J.) is 16. Also pictured are Eric, Kim (Chelsea and Andrew's Mom and Dad) and Mike and Trina, D.J and Jason's Mom and Dad. Pictured with D.J. is Antonio, D.J.'s bestest friend.





In Tuscon we visited the Seguaro National Park. The cacti were in bloom.




Michael Riesenbeck made a special request for a picture of a cactus and tumbleweed. Here it is. Sorry, Michael, this was the only tumbleweed we spotted.


On the way back from Tucson to Phoenix, we stopped at an Ostrich farm which also had deer.


In Cave Creek, AZ, we stopped at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants where we not only fed ourselves, but we fed the ducks and geese as well.


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