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      My name is Cara and I am a college student..
I live in New York State. I like to ride horses whenever I can.  My favorite ice cream choice is rocky road.  I am putting this website together because  it was a class project.  At first I thought I wouldn't enjoy this project, but now I kinda like it.  I enjoy going to the country where I can relax with my family.  I also like to dig for clams as well as fish.  I enjoy everything that I am doing.  I feel like doing this web site was the best thing I have done in a long time.  I really like  putting this web page together.
     I enjoy my job which I have held for 6 months.  I love everything about animals and the place I work allows me to be around them five days a week.  I take care of horses at the Jolly Time riding station.  There are 12 horses and four of them are due to have their colts any day now.  It is so exciting to know that new horses will be born in the stable that I work in.  I can't wait until it is finally the day.  One of the horses is making whinning noises and acting sort of funny.
I would quess that her time is today.  We will see what happens.
         I would like to reach out to any horse lovers, and we can communicate on line.  I look forward to e-mailing.  My friends are all out East.  We enjoy riding out horses, enjoying the scenery and collecting pictures of various horses.
and riding in shows.  

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Cara Smithers
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