Bible Understanding

Hi.  This is my former Bible Study page.  If you are interested in a copy of a study that was previously posted on this site, please email me at  

The Bible Understanding yahoo group has been inactive for some time, and the direction the Lord has been leading me has led in other ways than working on keeping it active.  Therefore, it has been closed.

I am in the process of beginning a Bible study course called Gentle Care Bible Basics.  This includes a series of lessons to help with basic Bible understanding.  It is helpful for those who have had limited positive experiences with Christians or Christianity, or who have been confused by Christian concepts, terms, and practices, but have an interest in God, spirituality, and understanding what the Bible really says.  It is especially helpful for those who have had negative religious experiences, been spiritually wounded or abused in the name of God, and are triggered by church and religious ideas. The Gentle Care approach seeks to share biblical truth in a way is sensitive to the unique struggles in life and spiritual matters that arise from these sorts of experiences.

Please keep posted here for more information on this, as it develops, or email me for more information. There is a Bible Understanding forum at our family ministry website, at Also, Gentle Care Bible Basics group will be starting to be active on paltalk in the near future. Link to the paltalk group at or you may simply sign in to paltalk, and check the Christian groups section to see if I am online there. Please feel free to join me on paltalk, and/or join the forum on the website.

For further help, please check out my counselling website at or you may check out our new family ministry website at 

God bless and may He minister to you by His Spirit through His Word.

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