This is the "Faux Femmes"

Well you didn`t think we`d have a MANifesto did ya !

Are you a dedicated crossdresser living in , or a regular visitor to ,
the Brisbane / Gold Coast area
and are you tired of chatting online to wannabe guys in panties
and making motel dates with timewasters who never show up ? ? ? ?

Yehhh well . . . join the club sweetie ! !

And our club , or group as we prefer to call it , is just the place or you . . .
That`s if you`re "our kind of girl" of course .

And "our kind of girl" is ?

A girl of any age over 18 .
A girl who is not drastically overweight or hairy .
A girl who tries hard to look as femme as possible .
A girl who really cares about how she looks .
A girl who genuinely wants to meet up with other girls .
A girl with at least one complete femme outfit
from wig and makeup right down to a pair of heels .

We accept nothing less !

The sole purpose of our group is to get together out in the real world .
Sex is not expected , though more often than not it ends up that way .
Men are not accepted !
{unless they have a place where we can all regularly meet of course}
There are currently no fees or charges involved .
No girl is accepted untill she`s had a face to face meeting
with either one of the founding femmes , Monika or Lena .
Our group is exclusive and we have our own private website
for all our girls profiles , party fotos , places to shop , places to go , etc .

So . . if you think you`re our kind of girl ,
{or a wealthy guy living alone in a nice big apartment}
and you want to start getting some action instead of all that mindless online chat for a change
then email , Monika & Lena the founding femmes of " Faux Femmes " , a s a p .

* 1