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Welcome to a journey one
thousand years into the future.
Welcome to
David Atwell's Four Horsemen!

Based 1 000 years after the events of Se7en Years,
this future history will tell
the story of the end of Humanity
and the birth of the new.

So, having ventured through the
beginning of the story in Se7en Years,
we will now journey through the
end of the story in the Four Horsemen.


He threw him into the Abyss,
and locked and sealed it over him,
to keep him from deceiving the nations
any more until the thousand years were ended.

Revelations Ch 20, vs 3

(20 August 2004) The end had come. In the Final Part to our story we discover the fate of Humanity.

(19 August 2004) In Part Three the Beast arrives on Earth to begin the Apocalypse.

(18 August 2004) We edge that little bit closer to the climax in the Finale Part Two.

(17 August 2004) It's the beginning of the end as Part One of the Finale is now online

(16 August 2004) Not long to go now until Earth comes under threat in Chapter Four

(15 August 2004) Chapter Three tells of the fall of Babylon & the coming of the Beast.

(14 August 2004) The saga continues as Chapter Two has arrived!

(13 August 2004) Well good news at last. After taking a year in trying to figure out how to write the first chapter, well here it is! Chapter One is now online!

(12 August 2003) Welcome to the sequel to Se7en Years. Although at first I said I wouldn't do one, well here we are. It'll be some time before I'll get really into writing the story, but we're online with a Prologue & some theme music first. It's not much, but it's a start!

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Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four


Part One
Part Two
Part Three
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