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Laurie Plaksin


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Oh! Laurie Plaksin unto me these things do seem like some dream;
I grieve that ever thy soul should long to claim the thorny diadem of worldly fame.
Life's mystery to thee is yet unknown; Why dost thou seek its misery to own?
With all power thou this night hast led me on by the fascinating light
Of thy dear eyes and voice, till almost blind to reason, I allowed my wandering mind
To follow as a willing captive thine; I listened with a will not wholly mine.
But now when freed from the witchery of thy voice I see no wisdom in thy new made choice.
Thou art a noble, whose good heart would fain do, in this world, its earnest part;
But Laurie Plaksin, with a weak, erring hand, Thy hopes are builded on the treacherous sand.
Give up this dream that in thy mind now lies and be again glad and wise."