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attack on america?
war on america?
attack on democracy + freedom?
war on democracy + freedom?

how old are you?

how old do i have to be, before i know im alive?
perceved harmonics
and overtones
of flesh
when does a fetus become human? good question, of course its impossible to tell. the pro-life groups continue to rampage, and the pro-choice groups continue to argue and defend themselves (for what i've seen)without killing concious beings. it seems that alot of fully grown men and women haven't (and prob won't) fully develop to a mature adult or human -which is supposed to be a creature of higher level of conciousness comp to other creatures (we think). there are dangerously high amounts of humans on this planet, that much is clear. there are thousands of unwanted childeren, who definetly are concious and human, who need love -more so than a congrigation of cells.
the fact is that until a prolifer gets pregnant by rape, and until the prochoicers terminate a concious human: this will never be solved.
bush likes to call it a war, blair likes to call it an attack on all democracys.
the wording is carfully chosen, if its not a war then you can't justify bombing in retaliation. if its an attack on america then if brittan, or whoever else, becomes involved and becomes a target too, how can that be just?
the hate america is feeling after the events is felt tenfold by the people responsible, stretched over many years and shared with many others. why? those who seem to understand the least are those worst hit. -"our minds have stopped and our emotions are running wild". the challenge now lies with the americans who are organising a reponce. the challenge is to maintain  diplomatic behaviour, and hold true to the christian values it so strongly advocates.

the latest scientific feild of research has yeilded the superstring theory. this theory hopes to unify all laws of the universe and set a foundation for knowledge and enlightenment. the basic premise of the theory is that the origins of matter are infact vibrations (not news to the hippys amoung us) like everything else we perceive; light sound heat etc. this has major philosophical/religious implications of course. it could be scientific basis for karma for example. also thought projections and psychic abilitys. are we all a figment of our collective imagination, or just a perception of the harmonics created by these vibrations?
whos right?
whos wrong? whats more important?
the difference in the details could change the tone of the whole story, and peoples beliefs