Fourth Bluff Hounds

Fourth Bluff Hounds

Joint Meet

Member Hunt
The Masters of Foxhounds Association of America

Calendar of Events

Join us at OakGrove Hunt Club
Updated Oct 8, 2004

2000 Opening Meet
Ball and Join Meet
2001 June Fox Chasing Clinic
2001 Hound Day
2001 Summer Party
2001 Opening Meet
2003 Coyote in the Culvert

Hunting is by Membership only. Arrangements for Guests should be made with the Hunt Secretary severals days prior to the Meet. Capping Fee is $35.00.

The Field is requested to ride with and under the supervision of the Field Master unless granted permission to leave by same. This avoids interference with Hounds and damage to crops. Foxhunters are the guests of Landowner's and your consideration of crops, fences, and livestock is essential for the enjoyment and continuation of our sport.

Proper Hunt Attire, as well as proper grooming of Mount with current Coggins is required at all Meets.

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