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The Fourth Way® Bookshop and Bibliography

A comprehensive bookshop and bibliography of all relevant literature ever published about the Work. Includes complete publication data, ISBNs, and dates and places of publication, and discography. An outstanding resource for the serious student of the Work.

*Chief Players

An introduction to the individuals and groups in the 20th and 21st centuries playing major roles in the tradition of this ancient Work.

*Minor Players

Descriptions of groups and individuals playing minor roles in the Work.

hannyaDegenerate Players Misrepresenting the Work

Descriptions of individuals and groups operating a corrupted form of the Work. Includes detailed descriptions of how to recognise these corrupt organisations and their criminal modus operandi. Also includes links to cult information resources for people wanting to escape from these corrupted organisations, and for parents and spouses with a family member under cult influence.

*Errors on the Way

Characteristic errors people can make when pursuing inner development, with a special emphasis on errors in the Work.

hannyaFalse Schools and Sham Religions

Characteristics of false schools and sham religions, especially as found in corrupt organisations.

*Brainwashing and Mind-Control

Chief characteristics of brainwashing and mind control, as used by corrupt individuals and corrupt organisations.