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Thank you for taking the time to take a browse around.

As I am fairly new with making web sites with front page I am going to be a little lost doing this.


So once I add a few more links to this, and get it all working properly it should be pretty good.


I have some very awesome ideas, it is just getting it to work in here.


Some things that I will be adding is.

1. Recipes

2. Where we go.

3. Pictures from around Australia

4. Some of our regular trips.

5. Surprise Photos And unusual Photo's.

6. Australians can earn real CASH

Just Click the link I have been a member for years, and reap the rewards.

Hopefully we can bring you a web site that we can all enjoy, We enjoy travel in our country, we can't afford to world travel, and we also know there is a lot that can't afford it, so I am going to try and bring Australia to you.



Meet The Tribe


The Faithful Vehicle




What Happened while my wife had my car?


With Family who live in far North Queensland It is a pleasure to visit from time to time, and go fishing on the Reef




See what there cooking does to a good looking cat?

 Some Awesome Recipes to be found in here.



Sites we use and Visit

Coming Soon, The Shame, Shame, Shame!!!!


Who to AVOID being Ripped off By.



Donations will help with upkeep of the site, Developing Costs, and help to get requests added to the site.