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There! First thing you do before you leave this site is leave a note like... killroy was here... ok???? :)


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We have a mailing list which has been activated for quite some time now. It is 4white98@yahoogroups.com
If you have any problems regarding joining the list, kindly email to dhayyy@yahoo.com. Please... magparamdam kayo... it gets so boring na kami kami lang andun.

Current Members of the list:
- Yogi - Tracy
- Ruth - Paul
- Ness - Mara
- Claire - Wredel
- Maureen - Edu
- Todd - Dhay (me!)


Kung meron pong ikakasal o magpapakain, please magparamdam kayo. We're starving... (we're greedy)... Thank you. hehe.

Kung meron rin po kayong mga bagong larawan na gusto ninyong i DISPLAY dito sa homepage natin, email nyo po ito sa dhayyy@yahoo.com  .

Let's not talk about it... it's been 4 years pa lang hehehe...

... When there's no gettin over that rainbow... when my smallest of dreams wont come true...
... i can't take all the madness the world has to give... coz i won't last day without you...

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