Surly Edition
Exploring the Unkempt
Skanks and Wanks
Scariest Places on Dad
Show Me the Funny, Or I'll Kick In Your Teeth
State of Denial
12 Step by 12 Step
Who's the B****?
UGH! The Most Gruesome Acts on Earth
Secrets of Magician Assistants' Dressing Rooms Revealed!
The Joy Suck Club
Good Will Humping
Shakespeare In Heat
Broadcast Nudes
Peggy Sue Got Nailed
All Porno Movies
Fox Dysfunctional Family Countdown Radio Show


Two of a Kind, Full House, and Other Strip Poker Hands...
06:30pm Show Me The Funny, Or I'll Kick In Your Teeth
07:00pm 12 Step by 12 Step
07:30pm 12 Step by 12 Step
8:00pm Too Many Brides!
11:00pm Paid Programming
12:00am Who's the B****?
12:30am Who's the B****?
What the Hell is wrong with you?
Not you
And not your dinner, because you don't deserve a hot meal!
But your sister is VERY hot!!
(I bet that's why Daddy loves her more--and more often)
I'll tell you what's hot--my temper, so shut the f*** up, you dog-faced whore!
Have you figured out yet that the links listed here don't work, Brainiac?
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