20/01/2003: OMG! It's the new years already! Last yr went by so quick! Dayumm.. lol Well I got a new hosted story up! It's called A New Life, go check it out! ;)  I'm still looking for someone to co-write with me on a story so if you're interested then e-mail me!! I get bored writing by myself lol I FINALLY updated this site at last! lol Aren't y'all proud of me? lol   I dunno any news on the boys so please *on my  knees* can you fill me in on all the gossip with 'N Sync we get no news here and we get no TRL, so please send me an e-mail if you've got any new news!  PLEASE SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!!!!! I can NOT emphasize it enough! If you got any stories you want me to host I'd be happy to do it cause I have one hosted stories at the moment (e-mail me at the address below) and if something is screwed up please contact me! Thanks! Visit again soon! : )

Loads of Love,
Phoebs (Phoebe, Sprinkles)

Please give me feedback or just e-mail me  on PeAcHy__69@hotmail.com
Don't be scared to cause I swear I won't bite! :
Sprinkles 'N Sync Fan Fic Page!
This page was started on the 27th of November 2001!
If you are a member of 'N Sync or Wade or Steve or sumone who knows the guys personally, please read the message I wrote for them. Even if you don't know them I don't mind if you look at it :P




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