A Website for the Study of UFO Waves


UFO Research Malaysia is not a UFO Club or organization. This website is dedicated primarily to the study of UFO waves - a very important and significant aspect of the UFO Phenomenon which has been largely ignored by most UFO researchers today.

This website is called UFO Research Malaysia because its originator, Ahmad Jamaludin, is a Malaysian UFO researcher who has been studying UFO waves for the past 20 odd years. His works in this ufological field will be presented here along with those from the other researchers worldwide.

Other researchers are invited to submit and add further materials pertaining to the study of major UFO waves to this webpage.In this way, this site could act as a source of information and a reference center for the study, understanding and hopefully the answer to not only the stimulus of UFO waves but also to the whole mystery of the UFO Phenomenon.


Articles, Special Reports & Papers
by Ahmad Jamaludin on other aspects of the UFO Phenomenon

A Pictoral History About Ahmad Jamaludin
(For those who asked about AJ's involvement in the field of UFO research)

Papers & articles on UFO Waves : Foxbat

Special Dedication

Man's position in this Universe is between the tiniest microorganisms and the yet undiscovered alien life forms. One looks at the microbes with a microscope. And the other life forms with an open mind. If we lack both of these, then Man is forever in the middle of Nowhere, even though an Unidentified Flying Object has landed behind our backyard!. --- AJ