Emmie's Chilean Adventure Home Page
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I wish that all of my friends and family could have joined me on my trip to Chile, but since you all couldnīt be here with me click on the following to follow my adventure:
Introduction:  Who? When? Why?
Week One:  The Arrival
Week Two:  Getting to Know Santiago
Week Three:  Tours
Week Four:  Back to School
Week Five:  Tremors
Week Six:  Campamentos
Week Seven:  Time Flies
Week Eight:  Another Excursion
Week Nine:  Patagonia
Week Ten:  Happy Birthday to Me
Week Eleven:  A Fieldtrip
Week Twelve:  Pomaire
Week Thirteen:  Motherīs Day
Week 14 & 15:  Friendship
Week 16 & 17:  Nearing the End of the Semester
Week 18, 19, & 20:  The End of the Semester
Week 21:  Mendoza, Argentina
Week 22 & 23:  Volunteer Work in Chiloé
August:  Semester Number Two
Map of Chile