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Posted land may offer many varmint's virgin ears to a caller .  This double was taken on posted land after asking the farmer for permission. 
Randy Buker

Back in 1997, I decided to teach myself how to do a web page.  Just on a whim, I put one up on fox hunting.  It was a great success with over 9,000 hits in the first two years.  I got back a ton of email from folks, made some friends and had some great hunts with those I met.  Unfortunately, a couple of months ago, I discovered that the web site was no longer on Geocites, and like some kind of Newbie, I didn't back it up.  I decided that I liked having a web site on fox hunting so the following is basically, "HUNTING THE RED FOX II." 

This page will be dedicated to calling foxes.  While there are a ton of other methods, I won't do more than touch on those.

About the Author:

I don't claim to be an expert on fox hunting.  I do, however, claim to be as successful in hunting the red fox as anyone I have talked to or heard of.  I'm pretty much like anyone else in that I'm learning every time I go out.  I pick up bits and pieces of information that help me on each subsequent hunt I go on.

I'm a 40 something guy working behind a desk during the day.  My passion is hunting and I've decided the only reason I work is to make the money needed to get out and hunt even more.  Fox and coyote hunting is my favorite hunting but I love hunting waterfowl too. 

I live on a lake across from a waterfowl refuge.  Each fall the geese and a fair number of ducks use that refuge and fly out each morning and evening to feed.  I hunt every day of the waterfowl season until it freezes up.  A canada goose on the grill is better than just about anything  else I can think of!

My home is in West Central Minnesota just outside of the small town of Parkers Prairie.  Most of my fox hunting is done right around home.  I do, however, travel all over to get into good coyote hunting.  For coyotes, I've hunted in North and South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Colorado, Kansas, Idaho, Oklahoma and Arizona.  I really love this stuff.

Enough about me.  On with this hunting stuff!
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