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Its nice to see that your interested in my website! Hi I'm Roxie! I'm 13, from Texas and am a Jehovah's Wittness! I go to the Forest Congergation in Dallas. If you'd like to see what I look like click this Yay! Ok now, other than what you got from my picture, I can be a very outgoing person. I like to listen to a lot of different types of music. I like going out with my friends and going to movies! My favorite movie so far is probably either "Mr. Hollands Opus" or "Return To Me." If you haven't seen those movies, GO RENT THEM NOW!!!! They are really awesome! I don't think guys would like 'em but if you do, YOU ROCK DUDE! I'm not the type of girl that loves to wear bunch loads of make-up. I'd rather go out wearing none and that's what I do. Mostly all of my pictures are without it! Gurls, you don't have to wear make-up to be pretty! Ok now if you want to contact me, you can by email or if you have aol Foxie1280 . Feel free to send me an email! I will answer as soon as I can! Well this is all for now! I'll talk to you soon! Bye Bye
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