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The flagship site: my X-Files fanfic.



...and was spanked with a rubber chicken for the privilege. A true tale!

A Featured Site on in September 2000!

A year later, the reprise: David on Regis -- and we were there!

NEW! On the House of D set, October 2003



Mulder's Birthday Around the World (2000)

Fun and Games for Mulder's Birthday (2001)

Help Find Mulder's Birthday Cake! (2002)

To Celebrate Mulder's Birthday: La Danse du Mulders (2003)



Or, how two X-Philes took on the Great White North!



I didn't write these stories -- I only wish I had written them. You'll wish you had, too.



Proof that four years' tuition to art college was not entirely wasted.



Fox #21,108's adventures. What will he come up with next...?



The rumor is true. I married my MulderClone!



Prizes. I just love prizes. 



Assorted fun from my so-called real life.



Push haiku:

At last! A new show
That I could fall in love with.
Of course it's canceled.




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