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Embers wins

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Short Stories


Stars 5-29-99 -- A little confection meant to follow Fire and Ice, it also stands by itself.

Act of Mercy 4-12-99 -- Scully makes a terrible choice. The first fic I was really proud of.

Ruego 4-19-99 -- If the cameras had kept rolling for another thirty minutes after the end of Milagro...

Ivory Coast 5-17-99 -- In my little galaxy, I felt the need to send Scully into Biogenesis' padded room with Mulder.

"He Was Asking For You" 5-20-99 -- Inside Diana Fowley's head during Biogenesis from the time she hung up the phone at Mulder's apartment until Scully arrived at the hospital.

Sunset 6-10-99 -- A Mulder/Scully married set about fifty years in the future.

Mirage 6-23-99 -- Scully stream-of-thought during yet another road trip. It's the journey that counts.

I Took My MulderClone Shopping! 8-15-99 -- And this is the havoc that ensued.

Evening Dress 8-28-99 -- Mulder's-eye-view of one of those Bureau formal-wear functions.

Morning Coffee 11-20-99 -- Mulder studies Scully across the breakfast table.

The Persistence of Memory 12-2-99 -- Diana Fowley's death scene. You know you wanted it. You should have known I couldn't give it to you without a twist.

Carnival 1-6-00 -- A stakeout at a carnival evokes differing childhood memories for Mulder and Scully.

Crumbs 1-14-00 -- Post-The Red and the Black.

The Sins of the Fathers 2-17-00 -- Dinner at the Mulder family household, circa 1976.

Pretty Words 3-23-00 -- CSM-point of view, set during En Ami. No motive is unmixed.

It Looks Like Rain 4-2-00 -- Scully, The Morning After.

Stargazing 5-19-00 -- Set post-Requiem. Scully studies the stars.

Perchance to Dream 6-14-00 -- Set post- Requiem. An interlude... and a homecoming.

At the Races July '00 -- Mindless, gleeful get-through-the-summer smut!.. =blush=

Aflame 8-28-00 -- A view from a hillside on the last night.

Ad Vitam Aeternam 10-10-00 -- "In the end, it was enough..."

All Ye Faithful 12-23-00 -- Scully entertains some special visitors on Christmas Eve.

Immortal 4-13-01 -- "Perhaps... this one thing would remain." 2001 PURity Challenge, First Place.

Southwest Chief 12-01-01 -- Mulder at the Amtrak station, his suitcase at his feet.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town 12-23-01 -- Yes, 'shippers, there is a Santa Claus.

Embers 1-30-02 -- "When I was a kid, and my best friend's house burned down, I had to spend the night in the rubble to keep away looters." 2002 Spooky Awards, First Place (Pre-XF Story)

The Great Roadtrip Vegetable Contest 4-22-02 -- You have to have the right vegetables for a road trip.

Sleep Alone 6-27-02 -- 'At least we were together holding hands, flying through the sky' -- Moby




Longer Stories


Clair de Lune- 7-30-99 (122kb) -- The story of Mulder's ex-wife, and of how Scully finds out about her... and what she does when she knows.


After the Fall - 10-31-99 (121 kb) -- How do you backtrack into denial after confessing all?


Love's Savage Sea Spray - with Char Chaffin and MaybeAmanda (82 kb) -- The X-Files and the bodice-ripping romance genre lovingly parodied... together!


Mississippi - 9-23-01 (265 kb) -- Investigating a series of homicides, Mulder and Scully find that other lives than their own have been touched by the Consortium; putting together the pieces of that puzzle, they begin to put together the pieces of their own.

2001 Spooky Awards: Second Place, Outstanding X-File. Third Place, Outstanding Long Story. Third Place, The Map Room Award for Fic set Outside Washington DC. Third Place, The Mulder in Jeopardy Award for MulderTorture.




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