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By Zita (me!)


By Zita

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Fur Future

The Foxxy's Den

Welcome to The Foxxy's Den

This page is heavily under construction (for the moment); I'm still trying to work all the bugs out. There's pics of my different charactes (mostly furries, RP and story chars), poems, and what have you.

New Stuff

Title Category Artist Desc.
Bela "Frost" Kitsune Anthro Art Zita A new character for an RP site called Cemarock. Three-tailed kitsune named Bela. Love the corset...BLOOMERS! ~LOL~ Don't ask why they're pink & purple, though.

Title Category Author Desc.
Scar Tissue Emotional Zita Angsty-depressing love-poem written on my old-old computer.

These are my characters, my art, my poems, and are © 2003, by me, unless otherwise stated.

Title Category Artist Desc.
RP Sample Role-play Zita This is the sample role-play i sent in with my Fur Future application. Fur Future © by Delia T and Co.
RP Sample Role-play Zita Another sample RP, one for Cemarock. Ft. Bela Frost