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Update:Added a few pictures in the events. Added 1 article (fun fact donated by a fan (John), thanks so much for that John! Added 2 spoilers. And also added one link. That's pretty much it. (22/6)

Hey I been busy with the finials (exams) so I haven't had time to work on the site. But i added a few pictures and changed the layout for the Photo Gallery well i did that like a week ago i just haven't had time to come and say it, lol sorry about that. I add tons of spoilers, and things are really looking up. And this site has won another award! And vote for this site! Also vote for Eric as a best male newcomer! (below)(15/6)

Hey sorry i didn't update for a really long time, it's just that I been really busy with school and this play i'm in school, but it's all finally finish so things should start running smoothy now. The spoilers are updated and i finally uploaded all the pictures from the old site to this one! Yea!! lol it took me forever, the image page is not really nice but on the next update i'm going to add all the new pictures and change the layout so it should look better than it is now. Enjoy! (26/5)

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